Previous Projects for Trailer Park

MTV EMA. Time-sensitive iOS application which included the ability to pull current nomination status and news from back-end. Included gamification elements.

Previous Projects for F2M2

Escape From Planet Earth. Storyboard and complex camera interaction on Android including inserting characters into the video.

Spartacus Hypogeum: Battle for Nuceria: Before The War of the Damned, there was the Battle For Nuceria. Complete iOS development with integration into image recognition software, back end integration into Starz servers and various complex animated behaviors.

Django Unchained: An application advertising Django Unchained, the movie, with images, trailers, and a novel navigation system written in OpenGL. Also created the OpenGL navigation menu for the Django Unchained iOS app.

CBS Elementary: Dive deeper into the new CBS drama, Elementary. A universal app that works with iPhone and iPad, this graphically intensive application integrates against an augmented reality platform for additional hidden features.

FUEL TV: the most UFC and action sports on television! Contains integration against a back-end database of shows and specials, and highly interactive user experience on Android.

The Daily Habit for Android combines a multi-media presentation, dynamic on-line schedule information, and a 5 screen UI which contains a number of hidden features

The AE Bestshot Contest for Android combines Instagram-like filters with an Android camera application, allowing contestants to upload pictures of themselves as part of a modeling contest. Glenview Software also created the real-time image processing software for both the Android and the iPhone versions of the software

Previous Projects for Odyssey Computing

Customized the FlowCover Library which Glenview Software's Bill Woody developed for a custom tile layout that simulates the Sony Pictures iOS image flipping layout.

Previous Projects for Real Capital Analytics

RCA Commercial Property Search works with Real Capital Analytics extensive database of commercial property listings to provide a convenient mechanism for searching property in a metropolitan area.

Also wrote the core of Real Capital Analytics' iOS application.

Previous Projects for Wallaby Financial

The Wallaby iPhone App integrates into the Wallaby database, providing the user the ability to manage the cards he has and provides real-time suggestions as to which cards he has would be best for a particular transaction at a particular location.